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ULTRA 200 / 200A

5kW Mobile X-ray unit-Compact, Smooth and Powerful (110kV, 200mAs) ULTRA 200 / 200A will be an answer for your long-term question on portable X-ray. Get an ideal X-ray solution for your ER purposes as well as a secondary mobile choice.

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Ultra 200 / 200A is a mobile X-ray which it can be used in Hospital and Clinics(ICU, Patient room, or ER room etc.) With its 360︒ Rotational Wheels, operator will easily move the unit. After reaching to a place where X-ray will be used, internal break structure has been applied for safety as it can cause risk of injuries for operating personnel, With 180︒ lateral arm movement, operator can set any direction of desired position. After relocating the head part where X-ray shall be generated, free stop arm will stop by simply releasing. Any other extra lock is not required.


Overhead touch screen shows auto SID (ultrasonic sensor), APR and various functions. You can adjust radiation parameters (kV, mAs) on the touch screen. Easy look and touch will make the functions ready to perform. Motorized collimator shuttering knobs are providing quick and accurate field of radiation change.


Two types of power are available.
Ultra 200 : Rechargeable Battery powered // Ultra 200A : AC line powered

Because of enough battery power, it’s able to operate without connecting to a room power supply. In case of lack of battery, it’s available to have normal performance with AC line.


ECORAY supports local DR application with table PC pocket. Win10 based PC is useful for DR flat panel detector communication, and ECORAY has its own DR console software in Tablet PC with a 3543 size wireless panel. The console SW EcoviewTM performs clear imaging solution with DICOM compatibility and other functions. This DR combination is giving comfortable organization on your desk and ULTRA 200 / 200A.

Vertical Movement

Horizontal Roating

Roating Tube head

Folded Position


Specifications Ultra 200 Ultra 200A
Input Power 100~240VAC (50/60Hz) 200~240VAC (50/60Hz)
Output Power 5kW Monobloc
kV Range 40 - 110kV (1kV Step)
mAs Range 0.32mAs – 200mAs
X-ray Tube Canon / DF-183
Focal Spot 1.8mm
Anode Heat Storage Capacity 28KJ
Maximum anode cooling rate 265W
LED Lamp More than 130 lux
Net Weight 197kg 166kg
Size (W x L x H) 634 x 810 x 1,546mm


DR Upgradable Mobile Unit

Tablet PC for DR: Surface Pro 6

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