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ECORAY'S Expertise
ECORAY, a trusted source of innovative X-ray imaging technology. Upon the basis of High Frequency Generator technology, we have been supplying different types of X-ray imaging equipment; We started from a small mono-bloc generator at the beginning, and now produce compact and powerful high frequency generators with full Digital Radiographic Systems. Today's ECORAY is the leading technology supplier in X-ray imaging field in Korea. ECORAY's all products are made in Korea with our own technology.


  • Leading Technology Development
  • Competitive and Reliable Company
  • Full of Positive Attitudes with Wide Vision

We are committed to being a reliable solution for customers and providing stable quality & fast service. For complying with customer needs and achieving customer satisfaction, we are going to put every effort with great zest in order to improve, and develop ourselves.


  • 1996 – Established by The technology of high frequency x-ray generators.
  • 1997 – Be granted permission to qualify to sell thirteen items of X-ray equipment as a medical device's manufacturer
  •              by the Ministry of food and Drug Safety in Korea.
  • 2005 – Registered as a venture business company by Korea Technology Finance Corporation. Approved NS-EN ISO 13485:2003
  •              (certified Quality Management System by DNV)
  • 2008 – Take off the company after merge with ex-Acoma x-ray R&D under 『ECORAY』brand.
  • 2009 – Obtained MDD CE for our main product lines by DNV
    • – Digital X-ray system - ECOVIEW 9 / ECOVIEW 9 Plus
    • – Diagnostic X-ray system - HF-525 Plus
    • – Mobile C-Arm X-ray system - CX9 Plus
    • – Portable X-ray unit - 9020HF, 1040HF, 1060HF
    • – Digital Mammography system - EXR-650
  • 2012 – Approved KGMP Quality Management Standard Conformity by KFDA
  • 2013 – Awarded the Prize for annual exports of US$10million from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  • 2014 – Designated as an MAIN-BIZ From Korea Small & Medium Business Administration
  • 2015 – Launching New Products ( Battery powered portable x-ray, 5kW portable x-ray)
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