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Mobile X-Ray


The PX-300HF system is easy, flexible, and powerful to use for every situation. Its motor driven system is able to make operators to perform the machine in small emergency rooms. ECORAY’s high frequency inverter technology is heading to more premiums, durable and comfortable imaging solution.

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The PX-300HF Digital System is easy to use, flexible and powerful for every situation. With its motor driven, you are able to operate it in small emergency rooms. This digital unit performs excellent image quality and easy handling to be experienced, combined with wireless portable panel and built in work station.


There are 2 independent motors in PX-300HF that you can drive the unit quickly, effortless the driving velocity is up to 5km/h, and anti-collision sensors protect itself against any obstacle.


New built-in ultra capacitor bank is more durable and efficient compared to equipments with only battery banks. When the unit is charged, PX-300HF makes radiographic exemptions without being plugged to AC outlet.


Operators can manage exposure parameters and observe the tube angle position through overhead from touch screen display. Also, PX-300HF is making precise position adjustment by overhead tube handle (4 buttons can serve this fine positional).


The built-in workstation, makes it easy to preview images on site. Simple to handle and with its communication system offer better workflow efficiency.

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Using a 14˝ x 17˝ wireless portable detector, it fits to any study size needed. With its removable handle, makes it more comfortable to manage.

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Better choice for your examinations.

  • · Motor driven for forward, reverse and each direction movement
  • · Hand brake system
  • · Upgradeable to Mobile Digital Radiography system
  • · With overall unit size width(580mm) X length(1,350mm)
  • · Total weight: MAX. 560 kg
  • · With large wheels and casters for easy to maneuver
  • · Collision sensing against frontal and lateral collisions


Main unit Type Mobile X-ray unit with telescopic tube arm and wireless portable detector
Dual operation mode AC line + Cordless
Drive speed Max. 3km/hr
Power source 220VAC 60Hz, Single phase
  • - Battery and ultra capacitors built-in UPS.
  • - Motor driven system with two (2) independent motors for forward, backward and direction control
  • - Driven by Joystick
  • - With Collision sensing for protection against frontal and lateral collision
X-ray tube Type Rotating Anode
Anode Storage Capacity 140KHU
Max Tube Voltage 150kV
Max tube Currnet 500mA
Focal spot 0.6/1.2mm
Target Angle 12°
X-ray generator Power 30kW
Frequency Max. 300kHz
kVp Range 40 ~ 150kV
mA Range 10 ~ 500mA
mAs Range 0.1 ~ 320mAs
Support structure Focal Spot Height 553 ~ 1,928mm
Tube Arm Length 788 ~ 1,313mm
Column Rotation ±280°
Tube Rotation ±180°
Width 608mm
Height 1,963mm
Weight 562kg
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