Affordable choice for general purpose of radiography system


The HF-525PLUS is an affordable and dependable general radiographic system designed for flexibility and friendly use in all general radiographic procedures, it can also be custom-configured to your specific clinical requirements, including chest, spine, complete skeletal, abdominal, urological and studies.

Main Features ;

  • 1. Different type of high performance generator based on its own high frequency technology.
  • 2. The 4 ways table is smooth, and effortless to float, and consisted with heavy-duty structure.
  • 3.With Fully counter-balanced, the floor mounted tube stand can travel along with the rail, and rotate 360 degree for any axial projections.
  • 4. Wall bucky stand with electromagnetic lock for easy positioning.
  • 5. User-friendly flat surface control panel
  • 6. Anatomical programming (APR) by morphology, view and body part (Reprogrammable APR)
  • 7. Modular design that saving space to fit into virtually any clinical environment


Optional Items

Ceiling suspended tube stand

Type: Manual Ceiling suspended
Longitudinal travel: Approx. 2,000mm or more
(depends on the ceiling rail length)
Transverse travel: Approx. 3,000mm or more
(depends on the ceiling rail length)
Vertical tube travel: Approx. 1,500mm
(900 ~ 2,400mm from the ceiling to Focal Spot)
X-ray tube rotation: +/- 180° (detents at +90° ~ -90°)
Tube stand column rotation: +/- 180° (detents at +90° ~ -90°)
Locks: Electromagnetic brakes
Tube arm controls: Longitudinal, transverse, vertical,
and rotational lock control buttons
Handle bar display: Goniometer / Optional LCD Touch screen (kV, mAs and angle)


Elevating table

6 way table provides easy and quick patient positioning. Also, Smooth movement of the large floating tabletop is given. Rugged modular construction is for continuous heavy usage as well. Radiolucent table with side rails for accessory and attachment.

LCD OP console

For Better technique selection. Three factor techniques can be selected from the 7" LCD display (KVp, mA, mAs)

Single-touch anatomical programs brings easy parameter selection and flexibility: up to 288 anatomical program settings.

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